The Halliwell Manor - Charmed Ones Guild
Room Points Calculations__________________

We have recently made a few more adjustments to how we calculate room points in an attempt to make the competition fairer for all of the rooms. Please read through the rest of this page to familiarise yourself with the current system.

  • The Room's total donation points at the end of the season will now be worked out as follows:
    Total NP donated (in thousands) / number of room members x 100 = number of room points
  • For mini competitions, that "potentially" all of the members could earn points for if they tried, the total room points are now caluculated from the accumulated total of member points based on the number of members in the room at the end of the season as follows:
    member points total / number of room members x 100 = number of room points
    These mini competitions are: The Games competition, Mystery Pictures, The Monthly Charm & the Magic School.
  • WOTM and FOTM room points are the same as the member points since there will only be one winner each month for these special awards.
  • When a new member joins a room, the room will be awarded 5 points. (New members start off with 0 member points when they join.)
  • For information about member points and how to take part please click here.