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Quiz Questions by faeriegurl4lyfe


1) What's Alyssa's middle name?

2) How much does the Book of Shadows weigh?

3) What's the full name of the actress who were to play Phoebe before Alyssa?

4) Which episode did Holly have the most fun shooting?

5) Which episodes were directed by Shannen Doherty?

6) Who offered the idea for the episode title "Sense and Sense Ability"

7) How many verses are in the Love Spit Love version of the Charmed theme?

8) When was Julian McMahon born?

9) What's Rose McGowan's star sign?

10) In which episode does Paige encounter a Witchy version of a Shakesperian play?

11) What episode has the same name as a sitcom Alyssa participated in?

12) According to the show, what is the cycal of the Blue Moon in which witches transform?

13) In the first season, what job does Phoebe get in order to buy Prue a birthday present?

14) In which episode does Paige steal the Book of Shadows and uses it for personal gain?

15) Where does Phoebe and Cole's wedding take place?

16) In which episode does Phoebe cast a smart spell?

17) True or False?: After Mrs. Hellfire, Bane appears in one more episode.

18) True or False?: Shannen has over 250 pairs of shoes.

19) True or False?: The budget for one episode of Charmed is 2 million dollars on average.

20) True or False?: In the fifth season both Holly and Rose bought the cars their characters had on the show.

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