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Quiz Questions by _bubbly_kizz_ (edited by neo65629)


1) Which demon came out of the Charmed Ones' video player??
The Shocker Demon.

2) Paige learns that the fairytale from her childhood, infact takes place in her past life. What does paige use to knock out the knight from the "fairytale"?
A Plate.

3) When did Paige meet her grandfather for the first time?
The episode: "Witchstock" - When she got transported back intime to the 60's.

4) Who got shot at the end of Season 3?

5) What is the name of Paige's Dad?
Sam Wilder.

6) What brotherhood did Cole belong to at one point in the series?
The brotherhood of the thorn.

7) In one episode of Charmed the sisters where "shrunk". Who shrunk them?

8) Piper and Leo had a fight regarding another whitelighter named Natalie. What was the name of that episode?
"Blinded by the whitelighter"

9) Paige cast a spell to clear her friend's achne. What was the name of that friend?

10) When Paige cast a spell to cure her friends achne how did it backfire?
Her chest grew.

11) Cole's Demon form Belthazor is a demonic soldier of ......?

12) Piper highered someone to promote P3. What did he change the name to?
The Spot.

13) What is the name of the actor who played Belthazor?
Michael Bailey Smith.

14) In season 2 Phoebe travels back in time to her past life. What was the name of her past lover?

15) Prue finally gave in to an ever hopefull co-worker at bucklands, but their relationship was short lived. What was his name?
Jack sheridon.

16)True or False : Prue has been turned into a man and a dog?

17) Which of the actresses that play the Charmed Ones have dated members of the cast/crew?
Shannen, Alyssa and Holly.

18) What happens in the episode "Love's a Witch?" (write a short summary)
A dangerous feud between two magical familes. Richard's deceased lover takes over the body of Paige.

19) What is the name of the mermaid who appears at the begining of Series 5?

20) What power did Phoebe first demonstrate when she carried Cole's demon baby?
Fire throwing