The Halliwell Manor - Charmed Ones Guild
This Season's Games__________________

The games competition is similiar to Better than you. There are 4 games in the competition each Season. You have to try to beat a certain score in each game. This score is allways the number points that gives you 500 np in the game to keep it fair.
- Once you have beaten the score neomail: thehalliwellmanor and you will then be awarded your room member points.
- The first 10 people to neomail thehalliwellmanor (with a valid game score) for a game will get 10 member points. (You have a chance to earn yourself up to 40 points)
- Everyone else who neomails a valid game score will get 2 member points.

This season's games and the scores you need to beat are listed below:

Jubble Bubble
Score to beat: 625

Kiko Match II
Score to beat: 250

Korbats Lab
Score to beat: 1667

Score to beat: 400

If you would like to neomail your successfull score/s to thehalliwellmanor click here.

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