The Halliwell Manor - Charmed Ones Guild
Donating to your Room__________________

Please remember that donating is completely optional, you should only donate if (or how much) you want to. Donations go to our guild fund.

There are several ways in which you can donate to your room:

  • Neopoints
    Donating NP is the best way to donate to your room. Because it makes life so much easier for busy room leaders. The room leaders will keep a note of how much NP everyone donates to work out your points.
    - You can donate NP to your room by buying an item from their shop. here are links to each of the room shops:
    Piper's Room Shop
    Phoebe's Room Shop
    Paige's Room Shop
    Items are priced at 1001 NP and above so that they appear in the sales history and at 1,000 NP intervals so that you are awarded whole member points for your donations.

    NOTE You will only recieve a point for each whole 1,000 you donate, because otherwise adding up points would become a real nighmare for your leaders.
    - If you buy an item below 1,001 NP it will NOT be recorded.
    NOTE Sometimes the rooms sell items at shop wizzard price to make np quickly. If you buy one of these it will not count as a donation because you have payed what it is worth.

    You can also donate specific amounts of NP by offering on your rooms trades. BUT bare in mind that you will only get a point for each whole thousand. Trades are ideal if you wish to donate a particually large amount of NP or if the shop has run out of items.
    Here are the links to the room's trades:
    Piper's Room Trades
    Phoebe's Room Trades
    Paige's Room Trades

  • Items
    It is not recomended that you send items (it would be better if you sold them your self and then donate the np to the room) but if you really want to you can do this by simply clicking on the item and chosing the option: send to neofriend, from the box. If your room is your neofriend you can select it from the drop down list if not enter the username. either: pipersroom, phoebesroom or paigeroom.
    - Again remember you will only get points for each whole thousand that the room is able to sell the item for (at shop wizzard price).
    - If you have lots of items to donate you might prefer to use your rooms trades :)

    - cheap items like palm fans are sometimes needed to stock the shop for donations but again you wont get points for these.

  • Where donations end up:
    After you have donationed the room is then able to donate to thehalliwellmanor through a trade at the end of the month. Once the trade is complete the points will then be awarded to the room for the ammount of NP that was donated. (the rooms will also mail the manor your individual donation points at this time) - The NP at the manor will benifit the whole guild, it may be used to pay for a spot on the notice board advertising the guild or be used for other guild features or events.

    The Final Room Donation Points are calculated as follows:
    Total number of neopoints donated (in thousands) / the number of room members x 100 = number of room points.